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Level 100 - a Mythical Guild!
Jan 18, 15 10:20 PM
Guild Level 99!!
Jan 16, 15 11:27 PM
Guild Level 98!
Jan 1, 15 8:19 PM
Happy 2015!
Jan 1, 15 2:31 PM
Dinged 97
Dec 31, 14 4:10 PM
Welcome to Taunting Fate!  We are an inactive EQ2 guild on the Skyfire server. Our beautifully decorated hall in Halas affords our members luxury ammenities such as ease of travel to all of Norrath & wherever there is a druid portal or wizard spire!  Plus, to make life easy, there is a Crafting Area and Materials Depot, a Researcher, Collector, Mender, Banker and a Broker. Plus we have many other awesome amennities a level 100 guild has to offer!

We are at the apex of Norrathian Interior Design, making the most of our T1 guild hall!  Looking good while saving plat and status! We are stylin!
We want this to be your home while in Norrath.

No current minimums. If you like to solo or craft, this is the place!


At this time...We do not raid, nor do we discourage our members from doing so out of guild.
‚ÄčThe guild hall offers many amenities.  Here is a brief look at what we have and where it is:
After you enter:
Left side:  Stable hand to increase mount run speed.
Right Side:  Mender, Mail Box
Center:  L to R at counter: Broker, Banker, Guild Beacon (to use call to guild hall), Collector, Trash Vendor
              Next to counter: Adventure Writ giver, Groundskeeper (gives 'shiny' if you have water, fertilizer and bones).

Three gatherers (dens, nodes and bushes/roots)
Harvesting Depot
All crafting stations
Rush tradeskill and regular tradeskill writ Giver.
Fuel and crafting recipe merchants.

North side - housing portal, Blessed Shrubbery (offers chance of bonus XP, extended food, etc).
Northeast: Guild Strategist (flags), pool of tranquility (increase max power)
Southeast:  Wizard Spires (travel) 
Southwest:  Druid Ring (Travel)
East:  Bell (travel through Norrath)

South:  Combat training dummy (in box, to develop slashing, crushing, etc.)
North:  Raid trophy display.

Enjoy! - Gnarfel 1/20/2015


Level 100 - a Mythical Guild!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Jan 18, 15 10:20 PM.
On August 10, 2006 LokLok, Meyers and others formed your guild, Taunting Fate.  It has been active on Permafrost server ever since, with an ever changing cast of characters.  Today, January 18, 2015 we achieved mythical level 100!  Congratulations to all on a job well done!

Guild Level 99!!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Jan 16, 15 11:27 PM.
We hit guild level 99 today!!  Keep up the good work!!

Guild Level 98!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Jan 1, 15 8:19 PM.
We dinged guild level 98 today!! WOOT!

Happy 2015!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Jan 1, 15 2:31 PM.
A safe and Happy 2015 to all!

Dinged 97

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Dec 31, 14 4:10 PM.
We dinged Guild Level 97 on December 27, 2014!
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