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We Dinged 92!
Jul 23, 13 11:13 PM
Make it 91!
May 18, 13 1:04 PM
We've dinged 90!
Oct 24, 10 12:40 AM
Mar 2, 10 11:42 AM
Welcome to Taunting Fate!  We are a casual, friendly EQ2 guild on the Permafrost server. Our beautifully decorated hall in Halas, affords our members luxury ammenities such as ease of travel to all of Norrath & wherever there is a druid portal or wizard spire!  Plus, to make life easy, there is a Crafting Area and Materials Depot, a Researcher, Collector, Mender, Banker and a Broker. Plus we have many other awesome amennities a level 90 guild has to offer!

We are at the apex of Norrathian Interior Design, making the most of our T1 guild hall!  Looking good while saving plat and status! We are stylin!
We want this to be your home while in Norrath.

The minimum age to join is 18 years old and the minimun adventure level is 15


At this time...We do not raid, nor do we discourage our members fom doing so out of guild. We reserve the right to change this in the future but maintain that a raiding status is NOT required to maintain membership.

We Dinged 92!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, Jul 23, 13 11:13 PM.
Grats to all you hard working folks!  On July 21, 2013 we hit guild level 92!  Thanks for all you do!

Make it 91!

Gnarfel D'Garthok, May 18, 13 1:04 PM.
On March 15, 2013 we hit Guild Level 91!  Keep up the good work!

We've dinged 90!

BlixxBlackwing, Oct 24, 10 12:40 AM.
Woot!  Thanks to people's hard work and determination....with a little push from this past bonus guild XP weekend (October 22-25, 2010) Taunting Fate became a level 90 guild.  Congrats all!
There are new mounts available now!


BlixxBlackwing, Mar 2, 10 11:42 AM.

DEANS: Joloc, Blixxl, Dayronz & Earbleed
        Chief Officers responsible for daily, routine operation of the guild, seting policy, maintaining the website content, They also are responsible for membership promotions.

PROFESSOR: Gnarfel, Coldcuts, Vraeth and alts
        Guild officers responsible for guild operation & membership in the absence of guilds leaders.  They are also privy to the decision making process.

RECRUITERS: Responsible for bringing new membership to the guild and helping them feel at home. Those with recruiter status are listed in our guild window.


FRESHMEN: 0-2,999 guild status

SOPHOMORES: 3,000-49,999 GUILD status points; Returning TF that had senior member status and above are reinstated at this level.

SENIOR MEMBERS:  50,000 + status points

Alts of established members are promoted to the level of your main toon, so please label your toons as your main or alt of your main.  There is no level limit for alts.

A member can earn status points by completing adventure or tradeskill writs and heritage quests giving you status within the guild and personal status.

Personal status offers you the opportunity to purchase certain items, mounts and housing within the game.

EMERITUS/FELLOW STATUS: Long standing guild members who have achieved officer status or positions of esteem with Taunting Fate. Past officers & long-time members.

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